Designers to Watch: Sabry Marouf

Sabry Marouf was founded in Egypt in 2012 as a combination of Ahmed Sabry’s historical narrative, alongside Daki Marouf’s training as an architect. The alchemy between the duo, led them to work with metalworkers and smiths in Cairo, before launching their debut collection of jewelry.

The brand is a cohesive combination of Middle Eastern roots and London essence- the city where Sabry Marouf is based today. The duo set out to create designs that pay tribute to their heritage- ancient Egypt combines with modern expression. A new story is told.

Sabry Marouf debuts Amarna, the brand’s first bag collection. Made between Italy, Egypt and Spain, the collection possesses artisanal tradition. The Object d’Art pieces offer functionality, paired with inevitable timelessness. Amarna is the manifestation of the Sabry Marouf woman- a conqueror.

The designers were originally captivated by a book published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Royal Women of Amarna. The book spoke of a revolutionary era in religion, art and society. Such inspiration incited the semblance of revolution, conquerors and strength that is evident throughout the collection’s designs. The timeless element holds weight throughout, as the designers were intrigued by the thought of the collection being discovered, coded, like treasures from a royal tomb. “Where will our pieces be in 100 years’ time?”

The bags are designed in abstract shapes, whilst remaining the conventionality of traditional leather goods. Custom resin frames, as rarity to the collection, alongside exotic woods and premium Italian leather.

A creation of four, the collection offers the King Tut, the Mini-Tut, the Scarab and Djed- each diverse in their own way, like that of the Sabry Marouf woman.

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