Designers to Watch: Timothy Everest

It’s hard to deny the appeal (read: sex-appeal) of a well-crafted suit; workmanship that’s synonymous with the British bespoke tailors of Savile Row. The legendary couturier street in Central London has been home to some of the most renowned men’s tailors since the late 1700s. In the mid-1990s however, a modern wave of made-to-measure clothing, known as the New Bespoke Movement, came into being in the East End of London. This new wave sought to bring a fashion designer’s flare to Savile Row craftsmanship, and in doing so, revitalized the traditional trade.

Amongst the leaders of the New Bespoke Movement was the young Welsh tailor Timothy Everest. Everest moved to London in his early twenties, and after much apparent pleading, managed to secure an apprenticeship with storied tailor – and man behind the seams of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, natch – Tommy Nutter. Under Nutter’s guidance, Everest learned the art of bespoke and began his career as one of the most celebrated tailors of the last two and a half decades.

Now, after 25 years as a solo designer, Everest’s eponymous brand has captured the closets of everyone from Tom Cruise and David Beckham, to Buckingham Palace, where in 2010, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Everest the Order of the British Empire for fine tailoring. “I see us as quintessentially British, in that we’re attuned to tradition, but at the same time there’s a willingness to play with that tradition,” remarks Everest regarding his work. “A Timothy Everest garment is always cut like a dream, but there’s also something extra, and sometimes unexpected, going on – all those hand-finished details that make all the difference.”

With ‘bespoke active wear’ and ‘bespoke casual’ collaborations with Levi’s, Rocawear, Superdry, and the British Olympic team up his custom-made sleeves, Everest has managed to apply his immaculate tailoring skills and eye for detail to a broad range of aesthetics and uses outside the traditional suiting realm. This visual expansion is masterly seen through his most recent rustic-meets-preppy fall/winter 2015 ‘tailored casual’ line, which features structured parkas, tapered denim, chambray oxford shirts, and multi-pocket sport coats and vests.

We don’t know about you, but we were hooked at ‘men in suits.’

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