Designers To Watch: Yazbukey

Yazbukey is an intellectual accessories brand that uses the world of pop culture as subject of its emblematic necklaces, caricature purses, and playful Plexiglas bracelets. The brainchild of an Ottoman princess, Yaz, whose family reigned in Egypt for decades, the brand is gaining fast and furious impetus worldwide. But the line’s success is in no way luck nor a great surprise – designer’s ancestor, Mehmet Ali Pasha, King of Egypt, gifted the illustrious Concorde Obelisk to Napoleon. Bewildering accessories certainly run in this family.

lips broochnail polish bottle

Yaz studied at Studio Berçot, before working at Margiela, Givenchy, and Jeremy Scott – all fashion houses very much focused on intricacy, substance, and message. Yaz’s world is one of luxuriant imagination where mixing of pop references and iconic images gives life to a new way of accessorizing – cheeky, over-the-top, in-now, decidedly contemporary outfit enhancers. Her techniques are inimitable; she has perfected every technical and structural aspect of Plexiglas, and often combines it with such unusual partners as metal or macramé.

nail polish clutch

Her approach, and creative process result in a line-up of pieces that are precisely in a league of their own. One of our favorites is a pop art-inspired clutch that takes the shape of a hairspray bottle, made with mirrored plexi panels to add cool shine, and a magnetic clasp which opens to a slim interior. We also love the red patent leather clutch with an oversized nail polish bottle shape, gold-tone logo plate, and exposed back zip.


Yazbukey has collaborated with Zac Posen, Chanel and Maison Darre, providing these luxe names with her well-established, contemporaneous edge.

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