DIY: The New Balance 998


Many DIY projects can take a lot of time and effort and unfortunately, many times, the end result doesn’t quite reflect that stunning image that provided the original inspiration. Luckily, there’s one DIY initiative that we can definitely get behind (and in fact, have already taken part in). Get ready to create your very own customized pair of New Balance 998’s – no assembly required.


Introduced back in ’93 this is the first time the 998 is available for women and we were ready to take advantage. Now, the things you’ll need: any device that provides you with internet capabilities and your creative imagination. Next, go to, click on the “NB1 Customize” dropdown and dive into 16 different areas of customization; from the texture of the sole to premium materials like perforated suede, classic mesh, nubuck and Horween leather and of course 100’s of color combinations (which are refreshed every season) to perfectly reflect your personal style. There’s even an option of adding personalized embroidery to the back of each heel to emphasize exactly what you’re all about. So whether you want to keep it street chic in a sleek black/white/grey combo or make them bright and bubbly incorporating their latest shades of dusty coral, sea glass and ocean blue, one thing’s for sure – these kicks will be entirely your own.

About the Author

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