Etiquette Guide: Weddings

– By Diana Minnocci –

Wedding season is still upon us, and with that, a whole list of etiquette rules to which any guest should be privy. Because social grace is always stylish, we here at have provided our best tips to keep you in fashionable conduct, from your receipt of the invitation to the very end of the reception.


About the Invitation

RSVP may be an acronym for the French phrase “repondez s’il vous plait,” directly translating as “respond if you please,” but replying in a timely manner to accept or decline an invitation is not an optional endeavor. Instead, you should return the RSVP card as soon as possible, so that the bride and groom can plan accordingly for either your attendance or absence. Should you be unable to attend, proper etiquette dictates that you attach a handwritten card to a gift that you send in advance, in which you offer regrets for your absence and wish the couple a happy future.


On the Dance Floor

Wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no.  Photo credit: Mario Testino for Vogue UK, May 2011

We all know never to wear white to wedding, but there is one fashion faux pas that we’ve surely seen too many guests commit: the removal of uncomfortable strappy sandals or pinching stilettos for dancing. Painful shoes are a fashionista’s rite-of-passage, so be sure to plan accordingly. We’ve already explained that if you anticipate blisters, a quick swipe of deodorant on the area in question will prevent friction, but you might also consider stashing a band-aid or two in your purse, as well. If you nonetheless find that you absolutely must remove your heels, don’t leave yourself barefoot and bad-mannered; keep of cute pair of foot-friendly flats in your car, or purchase the compact, foldable type to stow directly in your clutch, if it’s sizeable enough.

If you remember to follow these simple standards of etiquette, we’re sure that you’ll be a favored guest at any marriage celebration. But, if you’ve already attended all your scheduled summer weddings, then do tell us: What’s the worst wedding blunder that you’ve been unfortunate enough to witness?


Diana Minnocci is a freelance fashion writer with graduate degrees in English and Women’s Studies. She’s particularly obsessed with fine lingerie and red lipstick, and is a lover of all things vintage. You can follow her on Twitter @dianaminnocci.

Feature photo credit:  Danil Golovkin for Vogue Russia, April 2011 

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