ETRO Collection Spotlight

If one was to type in the URL for the ETRO Collection, immediately upon entering the site they would see the words “World of ETRO”, and that describes the brand perfectly. Whether your desire is pocket scarves, women’s wear, menswear, accessories, shoes, fragrances, home furnishings or art, yes even art, ETRO has today’s man, woman or home covered. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, ETRO currently is a luxury fashion house, however, its roots are deeper than most can imagine. Establishing their foundation in the 1960’s as a Pret-a-Porter and haute couture textile company. Infusing vivid colors with the unique fabrics used, the journey to becoming one of the few modern day family-owned luxury design houses was set in its course. Gathering rare textiles, renovating their entire design space in the 70’s to house more design staff and being inspired by their collection of items through travel, one pattern that can be commonly found within the ETRO Collection is Paisley. This pattern can be seen resoundingly through their pocket scarf collection and women’s and men’s RTW. Delving too deep into their history and not bringing you a present day report of their RTW collection would be a crime against fashionistas everywhere. So, with that in mind…

Welcome to the “World of ETRO” present day. At first glance of the women’s RTW collection, the demonstrative print, asymmetrical construction and vibrant colors jump out to greet you immediately. Most designers would give doses or splashes of such creative risks, however ETRO pushes the fashion mind further and dares to ask the question, “Would an entire collection of these bold prints, strong colors and intricate construction work and be successful?” Their dresses, men’s collection and even outerwear pieces transition into walking art pieces when the daring woman or man who adorns them in her daily routine. The choice of how one can mix and match these pieces is at the buyer’s discretion, one mixed print shirt paired with solid colors pants will still translate into a show-stopping outfit. With an average price tag of $1300 (U.S.) for a tunic dress, these fashion art pieces and membership to the world of ETRO is not cheap; however, to steal a line from another major brand, “Membership Has Its Privileges”. Here’s to seeing you in their world and admiring your artwork that I’m sure you will be wearing if you have a piece of ETRO’s collection.

About the Author

Chris Collie is a thirteen year Fashion/Beauty PR & MKTG Specialist, writer, editor, buyer and style influencer. You can follow Chris Collie’s fashion aesthetic through his Instagram or Twitter @FashionsGuyNY