Fashion Trends Inside the Home

We’ve been seeing fashion make it’s way into interiors more and more over the last few years.  The biggest trend? Metallics! We see them across the runway from shoes, to bags, to jewelry and now in homes. We turned to the experts at Homepolish, the service delivering personal and flexible interior design by the hour to give us a few tips on how to bring these trends from the runway to the home. Homepolish Interior designer, Matthew Cane’s tips:

I love using metallic because it truly is the perfect cherry on top of chic.  They have a touch of glam, but also elude elegance within a space. It could be a larger piece like  a coffee table or it can be just a hint with a small candle or accent piece.


Maybe you don’t have a crazy budget to redo an entire space or room, but switching a few pieces out could give a dated look a strut on the catwalk. Switching out chairs paired with a more traditional table is the perfect combo.  A metallic curved base on a chair for instance adds that hint of elegance, but isn’t jarring or overwhelming. I always say, metallic are like the bag or jewelry to every outfit.  You need just enough to complete the without the compete.


Think metallics are just for the glam? Think again.  Metallics can be just as moody and add a more masculine vibe to your space as well.  We can’t ALL be glam girls after all, some of us are a bit more edgy.  By adding in brushed metallic through lighting and side tables, you are able to give a more masculine edge to this space, without compromising all the other details within the room.  


If you’re as obsessed with gold as I am, then you’re going to be down for this trick.  We’ve all seen the chic white marble topped dining tables, but what’s underneath is just as important.  By switching out the standard white base to a gold metallic one I was able to make the table much more feminine to go with the vibe of the dining chairs we were wanting.  The best part? When all your guests compliment the treble to your base.
Maybe metallic furniture isn’t your jam, that’s cool I got you covered for some other ways to incorporate them into your space.  Throw away those high-school black and white notebooks and pick up a few sleek metallic ones.  Why stop there? Embrace the metallic work desk vibes.  Books, pens, pads, yeah they’re all metallic now.  Adding a fresh floral arrangement to the mix will be sure to make everything shine.

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