Fere Beauty & Co: The Beauty World’s Exclusive Little Secret

– By Ali Roff –

Just off Sloane Street, above the renowned Neville Hair Salon in Belgravia, London, sit the exclusive treatment rooms of Fere & Co. Where luxurious quilts adorn the comfortable treatment beds and soft classical music perfectly suiting its Chelsea location floats into the air, this is not your typical beauty salon, let alone your typical facialist.

Fere Parangi’s depth of knowledge is sought after worldwide, her name exclusively recommended to family and friends by women who have entrusted their loyalty and skin to her forever, and what better recommendation will you get, than a recommendation from Olivia Palermo?

After meeting Fere myself, I can without doubt see why. Each treatment is tailored to the skin type, and her wealth of knowledge combined with an excellent use of products makes for an extremely special experience.

Fere begins by cleansing and toning the skin and moving onto a deep cleanse using light exfoliation with steam. She takes her time, getting to know my skin and its needs, examining each pore under light. As I lay there under the pristine white quilt, I began to sense Fere’s absolute knowledge and relaxed into the treatment, knowing I was in good hands.

A favourite of Olivia’s is The Diamond Treatment. A deep cleanse is performed, followed by Diamond Tip Microdermobrasion with the use of laser cut diamonds which polish the skin, unclogging pores, and removing dull, dead skin cells from the top layer. The action of the diamonds and vacuuming also stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping skin to appear firmer and younger.

Fere followed with a Hydrating Mask to combat dry skin. While this was given some time to permeate my skin, I was treated to an amazingly soothing neck and shoulder massage. After Fere’s fingers and the Hydrating mask had worked their magic, the face is then massaged, with emphasis on lymphatic drainage of the eye area to reduce black rings and puffiness. On the verge of consciousness, having relaxed into a near state of slumber, Fere cleansed my skin again to prepare for the next treatment.

Coined as the world’s most effective ‘Celebrity Facial Treatment’ Fere began another treatment loved by Olivia, the The Oxyjet Treatment. This treatment uses oxygen to naturally inject nourishing and hydrating serums deep into the skin. The serums are applied and then ‘pushed’ gently into the skin with small jets of oxygen, a painless and relaxing experience. The science here shows that as the skin matures, the deepest layer of skin experiences decreased circulation, resulting in a lack of oxygen and nutrient supply to this layer. The Oxyjet facial penetrates the skin with the natural nutrients that the deepest layers are deprived of, helping to promote youthful contours of the facial skin.

Finally, I received the award winning Matis crystal eye treatment, recommended by Olivia, and a product adored by Fere herself. Formulated to firm, smooth and relax the vulnerable and delicate eye area, this treatment is designed to moisturize whilst leaving the eye area looking lifted and radiant, evening out fine lines. Whilst the eye treatment is working hard, a Caviar Collagen mask is the final step in the treatment.

Once the mask and crystal eye treatment had been removed, Fere passed me a mirror as she gently turned on the lights and folded back my quilt. In the reflection, radiant skin glowed back at me, crystal clear, firm, and youthful, it was the skin I had tried (but never quite succeeded) to accomplish with numerous foundations, highlighters and powders. Not many people can say their skin actually looks better without makeup, and the effect has lasted.

Combining relaxation with amazing skill, knowledge and products in beautiful surroundings, it is not difficult to see why Fere & Co. has such loyal customers, and such a fantastic reputation.

Facial Prices with Fere start from £150/$238. See www.FereBeauty.com or contact 0044 207 235 2654 for more information.

Fere & co at Neville Hair & Beauty, 5 Pont St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ.

Born and based in London, Ali Roff has grown up surrounded by the eccentric and exciting style that London fashion has to offer. She can regularly be found visiting London’s famous markets and museums such as the V&A, and also maintains her personal blog, www.fashionphoenixblog.blogspot.com.

Feature image courtesy of Philip Volkers Photography

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