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Barre, TRX and Pilates; three of the most popular workout classes you can take that many have attempted to reimagine but typically one class is similar to another, developing lean muscle and burning up calories. FLEX Studios however has developed a gut-busting, kick-your-butt version of the three that not only has you feeling the burn but makes every second of your workout count by keeping your heart rate elevated and the sweat pouring down your face.

FLEX Studios, a 4,500 square foot boutique fitness studio located just blocks from Union Square (and now also on Broadway and Bleecker in Noho), was founded in 2012 by Jeanette Simon to change the way people thought about their workout. The goal was simple – offer three types of small group workouts (with several variations of each available to participate in), and make them hard!

          Why is FLEXPilates and FLEXBarre different than other Pilates and Barre classes? 

We decided to add a few very important key elements to our workouts – the most important being form. You will find in every both the Pilates and Barre classes, every instructor plays close attention to form. An exercise is only beneficial if you’re doing it correctly! It’s not about power.

We also added a cardio element to our classes. Needless to say, you will sweat! Our barre class is very different than other barre classes, as your heart rate is up, you’re sweating and its moving FAST! It’s really fun 🙂

And in the Pilates room, our transitions are quick and seamless. We make the most out of every minute you’re in that room, while still focusing on your form. The class is fast paced, so there’s a cardio element, and it’s all done on our unique FLEXformer, which allows for hundreds of exercises, making each class different. (And we do offer a PURE Pilates class if someone is looking for a slower paced class with the same benefits.)

          How did the idea of FLEX come to be and what inspired you to put the classes together?

I had a career in corporate event planning prior to making the switch to health & fitness. It was post double knee surgery that I really fell in love with fitness and realized I could create a studio that had the ability to change people’s lives the way mine was changing. I wanted to create a sort of oasis where instructors cared personally about every client, where we got to know their names and could help them see the benefits of fitness – not only physically but also internally. Pilates was my go-to class, but I needed classes that complimented each other as well, which is why we have TRX and Barre classes.

–          Do you prefer one (class) to the other?

I like each class for something different and every day my body tells me I need something different.  When I’m craving an intense, interval training class – TRX is my go to. TRX is one of the hardest classes we offer but has the unique ability of being modified for every fitness level. When I’m craving a class choreographed to music, that’s fun but also with a heavy cardio element – I take the Barre class (which is very different than traditional barre classes). However, most days you’ll find me in the Pilates room. The combination of cardio & strength training done on the FLEXformer creates body changing results. I just love it!

          In general, how many calories can be burned within each of the classes? 

We don’t focus on calorie count as there are just too many variables. We understand that our clients don’t fit into one specific mold, so we focus more on each client’s overall improvements and results. Our goal is for each client to leave feeling stronger & more toned than when they arrived.

          How do you find each teacher and what is the process in hiring them (do they have to prove themselves to lead the classes?) 

We’re actually super blessed at this point in the business as strong candidates come to us! It’s required that all of our instructors come certified in Pilates mat and anatomy before coming to FLEX. Without that background, we know they can’t offer a safe, result driven class. Once they audition, they then go through a rigorous training program with each of our directions. This can take months. Once the instructor feels they’re ready to face our clients, they start with community classes on the schedule, so we can introduce our clients to them. Once they go through a few of those, they get added into the schedule. Needless to say, it’s a commitment. It takes a lot to be an instructor at FLEX, but that is why we are filled with amazing, strong instructors!

          Are there plans to expand past the two studios? Other cities? 

We’re always looking 🙂 It has to be the right space in the right location!

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