Get In Shape With Flybarre

It seems like everyday there’s a “latest” way to get in “the best shape of your life.” In fact, it seems there are a limitless amount of  fitness and diet fads thrown in your face everywhere you turn. So the question then becomes, how do you find one that you can trust will actually work? Please allow us to advise.

As a part of legendary instructor Ruth Zukerman’s baby, Flywheel Sports, we’re proud to bring to your attention, Flybarre. Originally launched in 2010, Flywheel Sports has culminated in sleek and chic studios equipped with showers, lockers with electronic charging ports, a water filtration system and full amenities (like complimentary towel service) and has spread like wildfire across the country and even recently opening a location in Dubai. To compliment the customized and uniqueness of the cycling phenomenon of Flywheel, Flybarre came to be.

With friendly instructors who are as enthusiastic as they are motivating, this high-energy, intense full-body workout has become Olivia’s absolute go-to for staying in shape. It blends the best of light weight training, dance and core strengthening exercises to systematically target each muscle group through a sequence of focused “pulses”.  With an emphasis on arm, abdominal, thigh and seat regions, FlyBarre works to quickly reshape the body to create lean, strong and elongated muscles while simultaneously strengthening your core. Set to a unique playlist per each instructor, fast-paced music pushes you to maintain your pace and because the music and movements are always changing, you’ll never have the same class twice.

Now, as someone who doesn’t exactly enjoy a daily routine exercise I can tell you first hand that a lot of us here at have completed a FlyBarre class and not only have lived to tell the tale but have gone back over and over again to watch our bodies start to transform into a leaner, toner version within just four classes (yours truly included). So what are you waiting for? Check out Flybarre and Flywheel Sports and register for your first class today!

About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m