Get the Look: Natural Beauties

The spring shows never cease to make us giddy, creating easy fantasies of their fare, right when we’re creating our own fall collections. It seems unjust, until we get inspired by runway looks we can practice now that will be utterly perfected when the temperatures start to warm. We’re not referring to the looks worn below the neck, but what makeup artists create on the visages of their model muses.

This spring there was no shortage of runway beauty inspiration we can easily adapt year round. Fresh-faced and youthful never goes out of style and it’s a classic beauty look that we saw at all of our favorite shows. With the correct application of just a few products, you can leave home looking as if you stepped off Michael Kors’, Calvin Klein’s, Alutzarra’s or Delpozo’s runway. How? Read on to find out.

Create a base of glowing health – For glowing youthful skin, many of us over the age of 18 can use help; and thankfully, it’s not difficult. Start with your favorite daytime moisturizer. We’re fans of Eve Lom Day Cream. Use your concealer under your eyes to remove shadows. Keep the rest of your skin as clean and bare from product as possible. If you’re able, skip foundation and go straight to a very light powder bronzer; it will give you a natural matte base. Your bronzer color will depend on your skin tone and shade, but Nars has three easy-to-pick-between colors, if you’re not sure.

Define and Fill In Brows – A defined brow calls attention to and refines your bone structure, which is why it’s essential in any barefaced look. You may already be used to the process of plucking and filling in your brows, but if not, it’s worth it to see an aesthetician for shaping—at least once. Afterward you can follow the shape they give you at home. Another option for beginners is to buy a brow shaping kit, like Too Face Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit.

Define Lashes – You’ll want to avoid lashes that clearly have product on them. So it may be time to invest in a clear mascara like Sephora Collection’s Clear Defining Mascara. Your lashes will be separated and enhanced in the most natural-looking way possible. On the other hand, if your lashes tend to be on the short or sparse side, feel free to curl them or use one light coat of your regular mascara.

Add an Optional Pink or Iridescent Touch – With a completely natural eye and face, you’ll have a blank canvas to add your own unique, yet subtle, touch. Calvin Klein inspired us to take out our High Beam liquid highlighter from Benefit. A dab on the cheekbones adds an extra glow. Michael Kors had a beautiful pink lip and cheek as did Altuzarra. Recreate it with one product that functions as both a lip and cheek stain. We love RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Stain in color “demure.” 

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