Get the Look: The Evening Ponytail

Your ponytail can be the perfect accessory for you outfit. The gypsy ponytail needs just a few and easy steps but the effect is going to be amazing.   

As usual we have to create a good texture for the hair, vaporize a volumizing spray from the roots to the hair tips, than start with the blow dry and keep in mind to maintain a central line. The effect we want to obtain is a messy straight hair look, if necessary, you can use a hair straightener to help you but make sure to leave the tips of your hair alone. From there, blow-dry the roots so the hair is not too tight at the crown. 

Once done with the blow dry, we have to define a central line on the head. Bring the hair back as you wanted to make a low ponytail, but remember to leave the volume in the upper part of the head. 

Isolate four sections of the hair on the front, two on the upper part close to the central line and the other two are gonna be the sideburns, in order to option a gypsy effect as you can see in Olivia’s pic. Then, avoid any hair band too close the tail, we are going to do a little braid straight to the head, the last two sections of the braid are going to be fixed with two hair grips. 

Last but not least remember to comb your hair with a Mason Pearson comb to give your hair the perfect glossy effect and that’s it, your ready to rock the gypsy-tail.

About the Author

Italian, class of 1983, Niky Epi began "to play" with hair when he was 16 and hasn't stopped since then. His talent has been tested since the beginning and when he was just 21 he already had many collaborations with the worldwide personalities both of the music scene and show business. In 2008, after his experiences in London and Rome, he moved to Milan where he began his most important collaboration with Aldo Coppola's label. Entertainer, hair performer and creative mind, Niky works with many celebrities and designers such as Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Ferragamo and Fabrizio Ferri's ad campaigns. In a few years his talent has been recognized on stage and he has become one of the best and most followed hair colorist's in the industry. Artistic and a visionary, Niky Epi has one big goal, make his work a story to tell