Gift Guide: Geek Chic

“Geek” these days, is a relative term – even the most un-techie-ist among us are synced and linked, and you’re more likely to find a gadget, a gizmo, or a doodad in a handbag than anything else.   Which makes devices – and the accessories that love them – the go-to, guaranteed-to-please gift for those topping your nice list.

 1. ICE London Crystal Pop Phone

2. Frends Layla Headphones

3. Swarovski Crystalline USB Key

4. Canon Mini USB Flash Drive

5. Eye Scope Zoom Lens for iPhone

6. Swarovski USB Lock

7. Leica M9-P Limited Edition Hermes Camera

8. Izak Zenou iPhone Cases

9. Boostcase Snapcase + Battery Combo

10. ColorWare Custom Magic Mouse

11. Celluon Magic Cube

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