Gift Guide: Olivia’s Timeless Treasures

As a little girl, a jewelry box has almost a romantic and dreamy notion to it.  Maybe yours played a song or had a ballerina twirling on a pointed toe, but none the less there’s no doubt that you filled it with as many glistening and shining jewels (whether they were plastic or otherwise) that it could hold.  From there you could have chosen to layer them all on at once in an imaginary game of dress-up or play with each piece individually treating them like the prized possessions they were.  Now that we’re all a little older, our current jewelry boxes may actually have morphed to contain some fine jewelry and/or costume pieces that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  However, in the end a girl can always dream, and when we envision the ultimate treasure chest, it is the seductive swirling signature that could only belong to Piaget that comes to mind.

With historical heritage, delicate precision and above all pristine handmade craftsmanship imparted onto its’ name, Piaget has provided the world with one-of-a-kind timeless pieces of wearable art for 139 years. As it was passed down in the Piaget family from generation to generation, what started with classic timepieces has now expanded to include rings, necklaces, bracelets and beyond in order to provide something for everyone that wishes to wear this distinguished brand.  In fact, it’s this constant push for innovation in technology and style that has kept these extraordinary collections at the forefront of their field.  From their signature ultra thin face that originally launched back in 1957 to their stunning cuff watches in the 1960’s to the Piaget polo watch, they continue to supply elegant, traditional, and coveted pieces world-wide.

This holiday season, we here at were fortunate enough to team up with Piaget for our ultimate Timeless Treasure gift guide.  With hand-picked pieces by Olivia herself, we’ve curated an amazing layout full of everything from a floral ring encrusted with emeralds and pink sapphires to a triple stranded hand crafted necklace ablaze with over 500 diamonds and of course a quintessential timepiece fit with a rose gold frame and alligator band.  All in all, each and every Piaget piece does its’ part in representing the founders motto: “Always do better than necessary”.  So dive in to our treasure chest and dress up your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season.



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