Glam Tip: A Chic DIY Tray

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 

So often it seems as if no matter how much we work to tidy up and organize our home, the loose change, stray bobbie pins, and stray earrings constantly gather on counter-tops, entry tables, and nightstands, giving a cluttered and disorganized appearance.  Stylish trays of all sizes are a chic way to contain the clutter, and can be placed all around your home as part of your decor.

You can easily create your own to compliment your decor by using a vintage or inexpensive picture frame.  Choose any patterned or colored paper and place inside the glass, then paint the frame any color or finish you like.  You can even pick up some inexpensive cabinet pulls from any hardware store to attach on opposite sides for handles.

Small square frames make great trays for the bathroom, and small ornate oval ones are perfect for bedside jewelry trays.  Stroll local flea markets for extra large beveled or carved frames to turn into amazing coffee-table trays.  They also make unique, one of a kind hostess gifts, that can even be personalized with the receivers initials by printing the paper insert yourself!

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