Glam Tip: A Good First Impression Starts at Home

The entry way is the first thing guests see upon entering your home, yet it’s often the most chaotic and home to the most clutter.  However, with a few choice additions, you’ll no longer have assure your guests that, no, you haven’t been the victim of a robbery; it’s just a little messy.  Choose a simple desk as an entry table, and make use of its drawers and cubbies to store those items that you never seem to know where to keep, like takeout menus and incoming mail.  Instead of a desk chair, place your bin of throw-on shoes, keeping them out of the way yet always with reach.  The drawers are great places to keep sunglasses and their cases, and keep your scarves, gloves and cold-weather hats, or even your gift wrapping supplies in a decorative box, and place on a shelf or cubby.  It’s also a great place to keep extra chargers, so they can be easily tossed in your purse before a trip. There are literally endless storage possibilities and ways to utilize this in your home!

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