Glam Tip: A Rose by Any Other Name

How many times have you bumped into someone you know you’ve met  a million times before, and realized you’ve completely forgot their name?  How many times have you grinned sheepishly while muttering, “I’m SO horrible with names”?  If the answer is, “all the time”, there is hope.  With a few simple tricks, you can easily remember the names of everyone you meet:

  1. Listen intently when someone introduces themselves.  Feel free to have them repeat their name if you’re not 100% sure how to pronounce it.
  2. Repeat their name outlod while you’re speaking with them, and inject into conversation every so often to strengthen your memory of them.
  3. Have a mental picture of what the person looks like before either of you exits the conversation.
  4. It also helps if you have an object to associate with them, like “Red-frame glasses Sarah”.
  5. Once you have a mental picture and/or object associating, think about that image for a few moments after your initial conversation.

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