Glam Tip: All Wrapped Up

Should you find yourself accepting an offer of a guest room this Labor Day weekend, yesterday’s guide to being the perfect house guest will ensure your hosts enjoy your stay just as much as you do.  But what about that ever-so-important hostess gift?  If the impersonality of something store-bought has left something to be desired, but your homemade gift skills consist of macaroni and Elmer’s glue, consider unique and creative gift packaging.  Vintage tins, carved boxes and beautiful baskets all make perfect containers to hold your present, and are an extra treat for your hosts as well.

Katherine Petty MacLane, of KP MacLane, a line of ultra-soft polo shirts she started with husband Jared after they left Hermès, suggests using linen bags (all KP MacLane polos come encased in hand-embroidered linen bags) “To create the perfect packaging for a hostess or thank-you gift and make it your own, take any linen bag – I like natural colors with a drawstring –  choose a beautiful ribbon in your signature color, and tie a bow for the final touch. If you want to take it a step further, or the gift is for a very special occasion, you can have the date,  the recipient’s monogram or “love, (your name)” embroidered onto the bag. If you choose this option,  make it chic by making it small and, of course, do it in your signature color.”

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