Glam Tip: Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

One of the best ways to give your home (and you) an instant pick-me-up is by adding small, prettily arranged fresh flowers throughout.  Arrangements done poorly, however, can have the exact opposite effect.  That doesn’t mean you have to shell out for ones done by a pricy professional; you can achieve the pro look yourself very easily. First, select and cut the flowers to fit your vases (you can pick up small vases of any shape at your local flower market or craft store), and choose and slice the fruit you’ll be incorporating (citrus fruits work best). Then, slip a hair band around the stems, binding them together like a bouquet,  and slide it towards the middle.  Place the flowers in the vase first, then add your fruit slices – be sure not to use a vase that’s too large, or the fruit will float up to the top.  They don’t need to be perfectly lined up around the perimeter – in fact, it looks lovely if they fall at random.   Place several of these bright arrangements around the house, and you have an instant summery look!

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