Glam Tip: Banish Rainy Day Hair Blues

– By Teresa Greenfeld –


Despite apparently bringing flowers, April showers destroy any hope of a good hair day. Whether your hair falls limp and stringy, or frizzes up at the first hint of moisture, rain is no friend of the coif – in April or any other time of year.

Since barricading yourself indoors isn’t always an option, I sat down with Andre Davis, the master behind Olivia’s tresses, to talk weather-proof styles and tips:

Skip the ‘poo. Not only does skipping a daily shampoo actually improve the health of your hair, but the texture of “dirty” will also hold any style better – and have less frizz. Shampooing strips your scalp of natural oils which nourish and moisturize the hair; your scalp responds by overcompensating and producing even more oil, creating a vicious cycle. So for those that insist your hair is much too oily to ever skip a wash, consider that it may actually be your daily shampoo causing the problem. Try using dry shampoo on your off days – or, if you absolutely must wash, try switching exclusively to a cleansing conditioner.

Give in to nature. Even the most dedicated slave to the flatiron is rendered powerless on rainy days , so instead of fighting the inevitable, try these two insanely simple hairstyles that embrace – and actually look better – if your hair isn’t pin-straight.

The Updated Pony:

1. Part your hair in the middle, and gather a 2 inch section at the crown of your head and tease – and tease some more. And then some more. Don’t worry about looking like you just walked out of a bad 80s movie – it needs extra teasing to keep that volume when you pull it back. For staying power, spray with flexible hold hairspray.

2. Without pulling too tight, gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, and secure with an elastic.

Rainy Day Hair

3. Tease sections of the ponytail towards the elastic to give it fullness and messy volume, and give it a final spray.


The Messy Bun:

1. Repeat steps 1 through 3

2. Loosely wrap hair around the base of the ponytail, pinning as you go. It shouldn’t look perfect, so don’t worry about loose strands. Finish off with another spritz of spray.


Both of these looks don’t have to be reserved only for a rainy day; either can work for the office or even a special occasion. Try it with a deep side part, a high pony, or swept to one side. An embellished headband or jeweled clip, placed to the side of the bun will give it extra glam for evening.

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