Glam Tip: Beyond the Basics for a Streak-Free Tan

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Spray Tan

There are many ‘firsts’ in life that are spoken of fondly; first love, first kiss, first Chanel. The first time you set aside your jeans and boots in favor of an adorable spring dress – only to to have your legs mistakenly complimented as “such a cute pair of white skinny jeans” – is not one of them. Which then leads you to find that getting your first spray tan of the season, only to be left with a tan so streaky you’re mistakenly complemented on your tiger-print skinnies, isn’t one either.

You know the basics: exfoliate and skip the body lotion pre-tan, hold the shower until at least 8 hours post-tan. So where did you go wrong? Well, here are some beyond-the-basics, tried and true, we-learned-the-hard-way tips to the perfect spray tan:

1. Loose-fit clothing: Emphasis on the loose. Oh, you’re going to wear a pair of yoga pants? Wrong. Anything remotely fitted – or with any kind of elastic anything – will leave you streaky. Put it this way: if it leaves an impression on your skin after you take it off, you shouldn’t wear it post-spray.

2. Leave the shoulder, cross-body, or so-heavy-it-counts-as-weight-training totes at home: The friction of anything worn over your shoulder, across your body, or in the crook of your arm will leave a streak. And you may tell yourself you’ll hold your handbag/dumbbells by the top-handle – you won’t.

3. Allow more time than you think you need: No, not so you stick to your schedule, but so you’re not running late. Confused? Here’s why: any moisture on the skin before the tan is completely dry will cause you to look blotchy. When you run late, you become stressed and frantic. Stressed and frantic leads to rushing around, Which equals sweating – a.k.a. moisture. Leave yourself plenty of time to change, check out, and get home. Which leads to the last tip.

4. Night-time is tan-time: schedule your tan for the end of the day. Not only will you avoid having to spend the day in your makeup free, baggy clothed, post-tan look, but an evening spray will ensure plenty of drying time before your A.M shower.

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Photo courtesy of Benjamin Lennox for Flair Italia

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