Glam Tip: Go for the Bronze

If choosing the right bronzer seems like child’s play (“Will this make me look tan?  Oo it comes darker? OK done”), than applying it must be a no-brainer (“I wonder if there’s a way to dunk my whole face?”).  You’re absolutely correct – assuming, of course, you work in a chocolate factory and often find yourself teaching naughty children their lesson via rhyming songs.  If that’s not the case, then here’s how to get a natural looking, sun-kissed glow:
1. Choose a bronzer that’s a shade lighter than you would normally (you want to be able layer it over certain parts of your face).   Avoid anything glittery, which appears too fake – especially for every day.  Instead, look for one that’s luminizing.  We like Benefit’s One Hot Minute; the rosy gold shade is universally flattering (EVERYONE looks amazing in it)
2. Then grab a big fluffy brush with a rounded edge, like Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer brush
3. Before you even go near the bronzer, dust a translucent powder like Tom Ford’s Translucent Finishing Powder lightly all over your face.  This will give a nice base and absorb oil, which can cause bronzer to streak.
4, Coat your brush evenly with bronzer and tap off any excess
5. Apply by evenly sweeping your brush where the sun naturally hits your face: across your forehead and down your nose.  Then, sweep it in a backwards curve over the apples of your cheeks (where you can then layer the bronzer if needed).  You can also brush lightly across your brow bone – it’s great way to highlight your eyes, and makes you look especially sun-kissed!

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