Glam Tip: Holiday Heel Survival

– By Emily Rahimi –

The carols!  The cocktails! The twinkle lights! The achy feet!

If dancing, or even just standing, in your sky-high party heels at this season’s festive fiestas make your soles cry “SOS!” here’s a weird (but surprisingly effective) trick: tape your third and fourth toes together.  Anything from scotch tape to medical tape will work. It seems ridiculous, but it actually steadies the muscles in your foot, and can keep you dancing well into the New Year.

Emily Rahimi is a New York-based writer and social media manager. She has an obsession with style that started in pre-school when she fell in love with her teacher’s sartorial choices and was cultivated when she worked at several design magazines. Today she finds inspiration in everything from the New York City Ballet to the streets of quaint European villages. You can follow her on Twitter @emilyrahimi.

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