Glam Tip: Hot Buns

Once synonymous with toe shoes and tutus, the bun has become one of our favorite, and most versatile hair styles.  Chic and sleek with both the most formal of evening-wear and the most casual of jeans and tees, the bun is nothing new to many of us.  We’ve all twisted and wrapped on those no-time-to-shampoo days, but there was always something missing from our thrown-together topknot.  Volume.  Our buns were puny.  Imagine our shock when we learned we had to look no further than our sock drawer. It’s also one of the simplest hair tricks we’ve ever learned:

1. After securing your hair into a ponytail, choose a sock based on the thickness of your desired bun (the thicker the sock, the larger the bun) and one that somewhat matches your hair color.

2. Cut the toe off your sock.

3. Roll the toe-less sock into a doughnut shape.

4. Pull the end of the ponytail through the center of the doughnut, and spread your hair around it.

5. Roll the hair and sock together, toward the base of the ponytail, and secure with pins and a spritz of flexible hold hairspray.

Feature image courtesy of Annabella Barber for Grazia Australia, October 2012

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