Glam Tip: How to Appear More Confident

There are many things that make a person attractive; in fact, there are actual algorithms that claim to determine attractiveness by measuring “ideal” facial esthetics.  Lotions, potions, cremes and powders, all promising youth and beauty, make up what is a multi-billon dollar beauty and skincare industry.  But the best products, the latest clothes and shoes, even the it-est of the it bags won’t do a thing, if their wearer doesn’t have the one thing that all the algorithms in the world can’t measure: confidence.

Though confidence has nothing to do with physical appearance, looking your best will make you feel your best. Wear something that makes you feel amazing – regardless of trends – and take your time with make-up and hair.  Use an extra-special little something getting ready, like a favortie scented body lotion – anything that makes you feel indulgent.

Speak with authority.  Don’t begin statements with wishy-washy preambles such as “I’m sorry, but…” or “I don’t know, but.”  Use positive statements such as “I feel as if” or “I believe.”

Stand up straight!  A strong stature is an immediate confidence conveyer.  Don’t fidget with your hair or move arms and feet around to different positions.  Pick a stance and stick with it.

Make and maintain eye contact.  It’s something that automatically makes the listener feel more connected, but many of us don’t look directly into the eyes of those we’re speaking with.  This may take some time and practice to feel comfortable, so try slightly defocusing your eyes – which will also ensure you avoid a creepy intense stare.

Confidence is a self-fufilling prophesy, so keep telling yourself how great you are!

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