Glam Tip: How to Layer Statement Necklaces

Layering necklaces is one of those things that, in theory, sounds like a no brainer. In reality – especially when it comes to layering statement pieces – it doesn’t take much to go from statement-making, to disaster-in-the-making. To ensure the look comes off effortlessly chic, keep a few general rules in mind:

1. If you’re layering necklaces of varying height, the longest necklace should be added first as the bottom layer, ending with the shortest last as the top layer. In general, keep each necklace in the same basic length family; a very short necklace can be worn with a much longer one, provided it has enough weight to hold its own.


2. Color counts.  Make sure each necklace varies at least slightly from one another to add dimension.  Matching colors can blend together, making your necklaces appear as one big blob.  This holds especially true when it comes to gem colors.


3. As for shape, they don’t necessarily have to match – but the lines should be same. For example a cone spike pairs nicely with triangle details.


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