Glam Tip: How To Pack the Perfect Makeup Bag

– By Sophie Elkus –

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Make no mistake: there is a definite art to packing the perfect makeup bag.  If you’re like us, you prefer not to leave the house without a few basics for mid-day touch-ups or in-flight primping. Unfortunately, deciding between products can be a challenge, especially if you plan to create a few different makeup looks from one kit. Here are some quick tips to master the packing essentials: what you need, what won’t weigh your purse down and what to skip.

 1. Plan ahead: Unless you’re a budding YouTube beauty guru or celebrity makeup artist, most of us end up using our same favorite products repeatedly for our daily “look”.  Think about what you use everyday and give top priority to these staples. Eyeliner, mascara, a nude lipstick, whatever they may be – set these aside first.  If you have space afterwards then throw in that fun lip color, a bronzer or a great eyeshadow so you can switch up your look if you want.

2. Embrace the multi-taskers: Benefit’s “Benetint,” the famed Nars “Laguna/Orgasm” blush and bronzer palette: they’re classics for a reason. If cutting down on space is your goal, look for products that serve two purposes and leave you with room in your kit.  For example, a cheek stain in a flattering coral or rose can double as a lip tint, leaving room for eye products.

3. Invest in to-go brushes: There’s no reason to cram full-sized makeup brushes into a smaller travel bag.  The bristles will end up crushed, and those heavy handles add unnecessary weight.  Leave these brushes on your vanity at home for morning application and invest in a quality travel set, like this Bobbi Brown collection, for the road.

4. Shrink your bag: Another tip for conserving space is to replace your staple products with their more petite versions.  Take your favorite perfume for example, many brands offer a roller-ball tube size rendition of their standard larger bottle, allowing you to have your signature scent no matter where you’re headed.  Also, the next time you go to your favorite beauty counter to replace your foundation, ask for samples in your shade (perfect for when you’re going through airport security).  By packing your products sensibly you’ll be ready for any adventure.

5. Know what you love: Sometimes there’s no magic do-it-all product that works for your lifestyle.  If it’s worth it to tote around three travel sized products and two full-sized ones that you absolutely love, than do it, because what makes sense for you is really what matters!


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