Glam Tip: No More (Spray) Tan Lines

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

As spring approaches, hemlines make their way north as the mercury rises.  The first blinding glimpse of pale white legs, peeking out from under flirty skirts and dresses can send us reaching for the skinny jeans.  By now, the dangers of excessive sun-bathing reach far and wide, and many of us are turing to tans-in-a-can to achieve a bronze glow.  Be it professionally applied or not, there is always a chance of a errant smudge or streak.  Instead of turning away all visitors and declining all invitations for the next 5-7 days, grab an astringent or toner with alcohol and dab over the streaks with a cotton ball.   Lemon juice also works well – you can even use a freshly cut lemon for streaks on larger areas.  Here’s to a UV-free summer!

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