Glam Tip: No-Slip Cami Grip

Keeping one’s closet organized can be a full-time job in and of itself – between the winter wardrobe, the summer wardrobe, the transition pieces, and the “you never know’s”, it’s enough to make a girl take a hard look at a minimalist lifestyle (for about a minute).  Amongst those holding permanent, year round positions in our closets, are our beloved silk blouses and tops, and our slinky slip dresses and camisoles.  They’re also the hanger’s worst enemy – sliding, falling, and ultimately disappearing into the dark depths of  the closet.   To keep these slippery little suckers in place, wrap a rubber band around each end of  the hanger, where the straps or shoulders will naturally hang.   Both the band and the rubber texture act as a stopper, preventing silky shoulders and straps from sliding and slipping off  – plus, they can be stretched to fit any size hanger.

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