Glam Tip: Prep Your Summer Whites

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Even if you don’t buy into the old ‘no white before Memorial Day’ adage, there is something quintessentially summer about wearing white.  However, it’s a known fact that while wearing white, you will inevitably spill something on yourself.   In the morning.  After you’ve already left your house.

In a ironic twist of fate, summer’s scourching temperatures add another stain factor: the less than attractive yellow stains left behind by perspiration and deodorant.  Instead of considering your favorite James Perse T’s as single use only, sprinkle some baby powder on the underarms and collar, then iron, forming a barricade against the grime and oil responsible for the yellow discoloration.

As for the spills; aside from wearing plastic protective gear, you might as well accept that the universe has a cruel sense of humor.

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