Glam Tip: Resurrect The Necklace Graveyard


We all have that corner of our jewelry boxes that hold the ghosts of necklaces past; The Necklace Graveyard. We can’t bring ourselves to throw them away, perhaps secretly hoping the necklace fairy will fix them while we sleep.  Unfortunately, no such fairy exists, but fixing them is easy – with the proper tools:

1. Head to the craft store and pick up some lobster clasps (that little piece at one end that opens and closes to hold the necklace around your neck) If the last link on your necklace is also broken, grab some jump links (the circular piece at the opposite end of the chain) Don’t worry, most craft stores are staffed by incredibly knowledgeable people, so ask if you’re not sure.

2. Using wire cutters, cut off the broken clasp.

3. If you need to, attach a jump ring to the last ring on the necklace, then attach the lobster clasp.

4. Now use your pliers to seal the jump ring and the clasp.  When you think you’ve finished, inspect the areas to insure that there aren’t any gaps that require further closing.

Just like that, no more necklace graveyard!

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