Glam Tip: Saving Face

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

We told you how Visine can perfect your pout back in November –  now here’s another face-saving Visine beauty trick: 

It is almost an absolute certainty that despite our best efforts, and the most diligent dedication to one’s skin care regime, we will, at one point or another, wake up with a bright red, glaring pimple.  Without a doubt, it will be on the morning of a major job interview/hot date/wedding day. And while wearing a veil on your wedding day is accepted, wearing one on a first date will most certainly ensure there won’t be a second.   To reduce the redness of this confidence killing spot, dab Visene on a cotton ball and press it gently it for a few seconds.  Is there anything Visine can’t do?  
Feature Image: Chanel Couture Headdress, photographed by Irving Penn
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