Glam Tip: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, out with the old and in with the new right?  Well maybe not all of it has to go out but it certainly needs to be re-organized and freshened up!  With the inspiration of this most recent runway season still fresh in our minds, we’re eager to clear out some space for some new goodies in our closets (which depending on the closet can be a daunting task).  Here are some tips to help make this years spring cleaning process easy and manageable.

1.  Make a checklist:  Create this list according to the areas of your home, the order you’d like things completed, whatever you like!  Just write down what you want to accomplish during this “spring clean” so you can keep track on what still needs to be done (and relish when you get to check them off).

2.  Clean out areas by section (dresser: by drawer, cut your closet in half, same with under the bed, etc).  By handling smaller quantities of things at a time you’re more likely not to feel overwhelmed.

3.  Make three distinct piles.  Re-fold and organize a pile of things to “keep”, make a second pile of things to give away and make a third pile of things to throw out.  By keeping these piles as you go, you’ll end up with much more space to place the things you want to keep and it will help you maintain your momentum knowing where to put things as you clean them out.

4.  Give yourself a rule when it comes to your clothes:  For instance, if you haven’t even looked at it in the past year, how much do you really need it?  Set a time boundary for your belongings to help move the process along. *Bonus: if some of the items are in great shape you can sell them and still get your money’s worth!*

5.  Containers and organizing features are a big help.  Make it easy on yourself by hitting up one of these stores to help keep your things stored and organized much longer than in past years:

  • CB2
  • The Container Store
  • IKEA
  • Target
  • Crate & Barrel

5.  Add a bit of freshness by placing air fresheners (in your favorite scent) either on the wall of your closet, inside drawers, hidden under the kitchen sink, etc. to give a burst of fragrance to your clothes and your rooms.

Happy Cleaning!

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