Glam Tip: Strap Happy

While ultra-chic, clutches are not the most practical member of the handbag family.  Having a strap option -say, for when you’d like to hold anything other than your purse – is a beautiful thing.  But what if your favorite evening bag is without? Add one yourself (because choosing another purse is just nonsense).

1. Choose your material.  It doesn’t have to match perfectly, be creative with it–look for something that compliments, has embellishments or print.

2. Measure the fabric so it’s the length you want from the bag to your shoulder and then back again, and add an inch on both sides to account for where you will attach it to the bag. The width should be 5 inches. If you’d like a chain handle, measure the length at home, and have your chain pre-cut to your desired length.

3. Fold the fabric in half and sew lengthwise along the edges.

4.  Now turn the fabric inside out so where you’ve sewn is hidden, and detect the spots on the purse where you want to attach the handles.

5. Make sure both sides are the same length and sew each end to the purse. If there any frayed edges or imperfections, try covering them with jewels, studs, or brooches.  For chain handles, choose an appropriate glue, specific to the materials involved, and glue the ends on each side.  Be sure to follow all directions and allow the glue to set for the entire recommended time.

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