Glam Tip: Strut Your Stuff

We’ve all done a version of ‘the model walk’ at some point or another.  They’re usually either very over-exaggerated and meant in jest (the one you do in front of friends), or you’re trying to nail it for real, and you end resembling a gisele with an inner ear problem (the one you do when you’re alone).  Well, here’s another version, also known as the correct one:

  1. Choose your ensemble wisely.  Go with something you feel confident and comfortable in.
  2. Stand up straight!  Keep your head up, eyes straight ahead, and your back and neck long and straight (imagine someone is pulling an invisible string attached to the top of your head).
  3. Walk on the balls of your feet – especially helpful when walking in heels – and place your feet directly in front of the other,  as opposed to side to side.
  4.  Keep your arms at your sides and walk with direction, taking long strides to avoid looking like your in the marching band.
  5. Oh, and a little pout never hurt either.

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