Glam Tip: Wrap Star

– By Emily Rahimi – 

It’s been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a gift.

Sometimes, the thought and care you put into wrapping a holiday present can say just as much as what you’re giving. So why not make your holiday gifts as pretty on the outside as they are inside?

Why not take a cue from fashion and use ribbon, tissue, paper and bags in different, complimentary patterns? Florals and polka dots will add a bit of fun to a gift for your favorite friend. You also can weave a few colorful ribbons around a box for your dad to make a simple gift look like it’s covered in plaid.

Or why not accessorize your present? Your boyfriend’s mom will appreciate an elegant, monochromatic box with silver paper, ribbon (get some with wire inside to make the perfect bow), and embellished with a glittery ornament, or a vintage jeweled brooch.  And the mani-pedi gift certificate you bought for your teenage cousin will be even more special with paper in a rich pattern complete with a bottle of her favorite nail polish tied to the top.

Emily Rahimi is a New York-based writer and social media manager. She has an obsession with style that started in pre-school when she fell in love with her teacher’s sartorial choices and was cultivated when she worked at several design magazines. Today she finds inspiration in everything from the New York City Ballet to the streets of quaint European villages. You can follow her on Twitter @emilyrahimi.

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