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Finding your perfect shade of red lipstick can seem nearly impossible.  However, with major designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and Marc by Marc Jacobs showing it on their Fall 2013 runways, it’s proving to be a trend worth reckoning with.  It feels like now more than ever we must overcome our fears and learn how to find and properly apply that indispensable shade of red that you want to keep in your makeup bag forever.  Here are just a few tips on how to get that forever classic and ferociously sexy red pout.

1. Test, test, test.  Take different samples of red lipsticks you like and put them on your fingertips.  So many lipsticks look different in the tube than on your lips.  By applying it to your fingertips (the closest thing to your actual lip color) you can hold up the color to your mouth to see which one you prefer and which one compliments you the best (without the germy side affects that come from testers).

2. Prime time.  A soft toothbrush should be used to buff your lips before applying anything else which will help remove dead skin cells.  Next, prep your lips with a layer of clear lip balm followed by concealer.  The lip balm will help to keep your lips hydrated while the concealer will assist in keeping the lipstick vivid in color and in place.

3. Use a lipliner.  I know, it can seem very 80’s to even make that statement, however lip-liner is your friend.  It will keep the lipstick from running or smudging off your lips (think of it as a cosmetic defensive wall) so you can keep your look very chic and not so clownish.  Choose a liner in a shade close to your natural lip color or an invisible liner so there isn’t an obvious difference between the liner and actual lipstick.

4. Tools are your friend.  As glamorous as applying lipstick straight from the tube always looks in old hollywood movies, to be honest, the best way to apply a bold red lip is with a lip brush.  It will allow you to be very precise (keeping you from coloring outside the “lines”) and to control the depth of color you want to achieve.

Now press some powder on your kissers to keep your color alive and strong all day long and walk out the door with a beautiful grin from ear to ear.

See some of Olivia’s best red lip looks below:

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