Hair How-to: Olivia’s Double Ponytail

Easy on-the-go styles are key when there’s little time in the morning, or you’re just not feeling up to go all-out for a lazy Tuesday. Matt’s double-pony for OP is the perfect essential look to appear as if you’ve spent all morning in the mirror yet you’ve quickly assembled it before heading out the door to conquer the day. Read on to see how to recreate this look right at home!

To create OPs double bind ponytail the tricks are in texture, sectioning and keeping the off duty vibe of the binding. First, get as much texture as you can in the hair… luckily for me it was prepped from an earlier fashion show so I misted her hair with a dry oil and massaged her head to rough up the vibe. (Give yourself OP’s loose waves by using a 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron and just barely wrapping random sections around it here and there).

Then the first key section is mohawk inspired, just gather through the top of the crown and bound with an elastic, from there I then lightly pulled on the band to “undo” the tension, let the tail droop and look effortless.

Next take sections just below the “Mohawk” and gather another ponytail, by doing this you will be adding it into the previous pony, binding them together and loosen again to repeat the off duty effortless vibe.

Make sure the silhouette is on point, massage your hairline to loosen up even more and to finish, mist more dry oil throughout the hair.

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