Hair How-To: The Romantic Up-Do

During Milan fashion week, we were lucky enough to work with the superbly talented hairstylist, Niky Epi. Every day, Niky manipulated OP’s locks into intriguing, different and ultra chic looks that perfectly complimented each and every ensemble that she wore, tying the looks together in the most beautiful way. A perfect example? This ultra-romantic and delicate up-do worn with an Etro lace and silk floor-length dress layered with a Tod’s vest. Read below to see the steps he took so you can recreate this look at home!

“The secret for the per perfect easy chic “hair-up” look?  Create a good texture for your hair, done that, you just have to follow few easy steps and that’s it! The result is going to be a winning look . With Olvia I began with a wavy hair blowdry 2.0 using an amplifier product and a round 32mm brush.

After drying, we brought the hair to the back and created a small pony tail between the back of the head and the occiput, but be careful to respect the head’s proportions and use the central line as a guide. By maintaining the hair on the top of the head, you will just need to create a simple ponytail effect, by crossing two sections of the hair: the right section, which starts from the ear will cross the central up until the left and vice-versa.

Each hair section is fixed with two hairgrips from the bottom to the top, (the less hairgrips we use the better).

Next step is to backcomb the hair for the first 3 cm under the ponytail and fix it with a volumizing hairspray.

In order to obtain a fresh look  just remember to use a loose hair effect in the front and then you’re ready to go!

About the Author

Italian, class of 1983, Niky Epi began "to play" with hair when he was 16 and hasn't stopped since then. His talent has been tested since the beginning and when he was just 21 he already had many collaborations with the worldwide personalities both of the music scene and show business. In 2008, after his experiences in London and Rome, he moved to Milan where he began his most important collaboration with Aldo Coppola's label. Entertainer, hair performer and creative mind, Niky works with many celebrities and designers such as Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Ferragamo and Fabrizio Ferri's ad campaigns. In a few years his talent has been recognized on stage and he has become one of the best and most followed hair colorist's in the industry. Artistic and a visionary, Niky Epi has one big goal, make his work a story to tell