Harrods and Dior – The Luxurious Collaboration

Dior Exibition-Harrods

This past weekend, unsure why, you might have felt a rather persistent tug on your heart strings to get up and get to London as quickly as possible.  That’s because when one of the world’s most respected and beloved fashion houses teams up with one of the most established high-end retailers you know in your soul you want – no, need – to be there for it.  Both supremely luxurious, Harrods and Dior have come together to celebrate their over 60 year relationship together – and as two of fashion’s most prestigious names, it’s a match made in couture heaven.

After 18 months of planning and one week of installing, the two power-houses have put together such an elaborate pop-up that it extends through 9 boutiques, 33 windows and even a cafe.  Thanks to the combined genius of Raf Simons, Dior’s artistic director of women’s haute couture, RTW and accessory collections and Sidney Toledano, Dior’s president and CEO, we the public are presented with a 30-day extensive inside look into the passion, history and ideals that are shared throughout the span of Dior’s prestigious fashion dynasty.

Dior at HarrodsDior’s “dolls” wearing mini-couture 

What can you expect to find in Harrods now through April 14th?  Let’s start with the window displays.  Beautifully arranged windows with petite versions of London’s top tourist spots like Big Ben and the “London Eye” that have all been given a Dior “touch”.  Of course there are exclusive products which range in price points from budget to couture making you want to have your credit card easily accessible as you delicately comb through all of the pieces.  However, if you want the main attraction, head straight to the fourth floor where the Georgian Restaurant has been transformed into the ultimate homage to Dior.  It’s here where you’ll find archived black and white imagery, videography and vintage paraphenalia displayed like an art exhibit.  You can find vintage dresses and gowns worn by hollywood royalty such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor and even the gown worn by Charlize Theron from the J’Adore Dior campaign.  One of the most impressive pieces in the room is the unbelievable almost life-size doll house centrally located on the floor.  This masterpiece is full of “dolls” dressed in miniature versions of some of Dior’s most famous ensembles.

“Dedicated events such as this provide an exciting opportunity to highlight one brand throughout the store in a significant way. Desirable aspirational luxury is here to stay and dream investments are on most people’s wish lists.” – Marigay McKee, chief merchant at Harrods via WWD.com
Dreams and aspiration certainly have an ever-stated presence at Harrods, but with such an amazing display of Dior’s history surrounding all of us at the retailer these days, those desires of luxury seem that much closer to becoming a reality.
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