Holiday Decorating w/ Homepolish

Holiday season is somehow already here and many will soon be decorating their homes inside and out. When it comes to holiday decorating many of us fall into a rut of the same decor pieces that you’ve used year over year. This year mix things up with these easy tips that will help inspire you to revamp your holiday home. *tips courtesy of homepolish designer, Mandy Cheng

Windows, Doorways and Furniture Can be Trees, Too:

Let’s be honest – not everyone has the space for a 10’ tree. Try decorating your windows! Pick up some garland (I love real fresh pine garlands, but the faux stuff works too!) and attach it around your window frames. Let it drape down to the floor. Dress it up with lights and strategically placed ornaments. Stick with a color palette so it feels classy and cohesive. You can loosely twist a strand of twine around the garland for added texture. It’ll make for such a cozy atmosphere, and it’s so welcoming as you or guests see the glowing lights from the outside. The same goes for any open doorways or entryways leading into main spaces. If you have leftover garland, drape it over a console, or any side table and nestle some ornaments in there. This is a great place for those family heirloom ornaments that don’t fit with your main color palette, but you want to showcase them in some way.

Light Up Your Floors

Design by Orlando Soria, Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

Pull out those hurricane candles, group them together in varying heights, curve some olive branch sprigs inside around the base, and place them on the floor of each main room. If you have little ones or pets, opt for the faux flickering ones. Don’t have enough candles? Fill one with leftover ornaments and place a strand of battery-operated LED string lights in there with them. You can gather some gourds and pumpkins around the hurricanes, or place a few wrapped presents next to these if you don’t have a tree to set them under. I’m a big fan of using 2-3 coordinating wrapping papers/ribbons, and sticking to that for all of my presents. One should be a solid color and the other 2 can be a pattern of some sort if you like. Keeping with the same wrapping papers throughout makes for a pulled together look as opposed to a mismatched, busy and cluttered space.

Crash Your Gallery Wall with a Wreath

In theory this sounds strange, but I love overlapping a gallery wall with a gigantic wreath. Pick a spot about 6’ off the ground (preferably centered on the wall), hammer in a nail or drill in a screw, and hang a wreath. You can buy one or you can scour Pinterest for the millions of ways to create your own. I love the asymmetrical wreaths with twisted olive branches and flowers. The overlap of textures will be so pretty, and what better backdrop than a strategically planned gallery wall? Don’t forget the bow!

Use your herbs

Design by Orlando Soria, Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

Do you always have way too much Italian Parsley left over? I love using greens to dress up the kitchen and dining room when friends or family come over for the holidays. Give each person their own little bouquet! Grab some small glass jars, add a little water and place a few sprigs in each one. Your table will smell great, and the pop of green will feel so fresh and festive.

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