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If you’re like me, the holidays have a tendency to sneak up on you every year. Before you know it, it’s the week before Thanksgiving and that dinner you promised to host for your in-laws or your group of travel-plan-free-friends months ago, is only a week away. Time to stash the unfolded laundry in the closet and get to the task of throwing a killer holiday party.

Forget the group text or informal email invite. You’re setting the tone for your party before anyone even sets foot in the door! Classy cocktail party? Informal potluck? All night rager? That can all be conveyed. There are so many beautifully designed e-vites out there that are either free or charge a minimal fee and are so easy to put together, that there really is no reason not to. Part of being a great host is letting your guests know everything they need to know—no one wants to show up dressed-to-the-nines for a holiday movie sesh.

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

Personally, I’m not big on kitsch. You won’t find my home filled with turkey figurines and Pilgrim candy holders at Thanksgiving, or Santa and his reindeer as my Christmas table centerpiece. (No judgement! I say if you’re going to do it, really go for it.) Instead, I prefer to stick to a color scheme. Some of my favorites for fall are dark reds and purples (a la cranberry sauce). As you get closer to Christmas, try introducing metallics. You can incorporate your colors with things like table linens, candles, and of course, flowers.

Photo by Anne Wilner Events

The easiest way to get your home looking beautiful before company is fresh flowers. If you don’t have access to a local flower mart, the budget to hire a professional, and don’t love the pre-made options at the market, try deconstructing those grocery store bouquets. They usually have a pretty decent variety in each bunch and even isolating one or two of your favorite flowers along with the accompanying greens can look really great. There are endless possibilities here, but when in doubt, keep it simple.

I’ve never thrown a dinner party that didn’t result in an excessive amount of leftovers. I love to grab some cute to-go containers and make everyone a doggy bag on their way out the door. It’s a great way to prevent a ton of food waste and is a sweet touch at the end of a great night.

*Tips provided by Homepolish Designer Jennifer Wallenstein

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