Holiday Hair Styles with André Davis + Pantene Pro-V

Just like with our clothing and makeup, our hair also gets some extra special treatment during the holiday season.  With so many parties to attend – office, ugly sweater, cocktails, black tie, or just dinner with family and friends – having options that are simple yet stunning are key to getting all of us through this very fun time of year. So to help, we teamed up with the amazingly talented André Davis of the Julien Farel Salon and Pantene Pro-V to provide you with three gorgeous options to give you hair-spiration from now through the New Year!


The Basket Weave Braid

1. Brush hair back and section hair across the top of the head.

2. From there, take one piece and cross the back of the head, pin it, then criss cross to the other side of the head and pin it again.

Repeat this criss cross pattern pinning as you go.


3. Make a pony-tale and loosely braid straight down the center back.

4. Finish up with last criss cross at the bottom of the pony and pin. Finish with some Pantene Hairspray – we prefer flexible hold – to give a light hold to the style and keep flyaways down.


The Uncontrived Chignon

1. Tease the root of the hair at the top of the crown and smooth back over the tease

2. Keeping a center part and the tease at the root, pull back the hair.


3. Twist the hair and wrap it around into a loose chignon while maintaining the lift you created at the top of the crown.


4. Secure the chignon with pins to create the messy-ness you desire.

5. Add your favorite hair ornament (optional) – we added a Colette Malouf hair band


The Modern Bardot 

1. Freshly cut hair works best for this look – ask for a clean mid length line with long layers

2. Blow-dry with large ceramic brush going from front to back in a forward movement then brush and blow-dry hair towards the back.


3. Brush hair back then tease the root and the top of the crown for a little extra volume

4. Delicately brush over the teased portions to smooth out the hair and style as seen in pictures.


Sponsored by: Pantene

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