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As they say, your house is your calling card; and when your house is full of beautiful decor and reflects your personal style then it becomes a home in every sense of the word.  While some have a keen eye and talent for interior design, others find it a bit more challenging to pick and choose what works for their space.  In the end, the right accent pieces – especially when they’re both beautiful and functional – are the objects that can really bring a space together.

Which brings us to coffee table books.  These tomes are not only visually beautiful to look at from the outside but are filled with lustrous imagery to inspire, swoon and capture the attention of anyone who happens to be flipping through their pages.  Whether perched individually on a chic table in the living-room or stacked in piles to create a shelf in your office they make the perfect addition to any room.  No matter the usage, these stunning books should not only be the centerpiece of a space but also something that you can return to time and time again (no matter how many times you’ve read through them) allowing you to cuddle up in your favorite seat and escape to the fantasy world that each title provides.  In honor of the lazy days of summer when we all tend to have a bit more time to read and relax, we’ve assembled a list of 15 of our favorite coffee table books for you to click through below to read, love and enjoy over and over again.

Jonthan Becker Thirty Years at Vanity Fair

1. Jonathan Becker: Thirty Years at Vanity Fair – Mentored by Bassai and having grown up in NYC, Jonathan Becker: Thirty Years at Vanity Fair, shows us the existential depth of Becker’s work over three decades as he traveled around the globe shooting portrait photography for the legendary magazine Vanity Fair.

*Click through to Book #2: Avedon: Murals and Portraits

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