Home Must Have: Venetian Chic

As the CEO of Venice’s Bauer Hotel group, a Venetian art connoisseur who helps to restore importantworks of Venetian art and architecture and interior designer, Francesca Bortolotto Possati knows the intricacies of Venice inside and out. There for, who better to have as a guide to experience the floating city via the book your coffee table is missing. Introducing, Venetian Chic, an in-depth dive into a city whose daily visitors outnumber its’ own population, where masquerade balls were made famous and gondolas are not a tourist trap but a main mean of travel.

To have her as a guide is to experience firsthand her passion for the private side of the mythic city whose daily visitors outnumber its population. Join her to visit artists’ studios, elegant Venetian friends,and palaces’ secrets. Follow her along the canals or through secret gardens; discover restaurants, markets, and artisan shops. Everywhere one wanders, a sense of history saturates the buildings and landscapes, harking back to the artists of the Renaissance and the chic masquerade balls of centuries past. The discerning eye of photographer Robyn Lea makes this book a revelation of the Venice of dreams, which will surely allow readers to see this iconic destination through new eyes. A sentimental foreword by Jeremy Irons perfectly complements this stunning volume.

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