How Fashion And Beauty Brands Can Leverage Mobile Commerce is always excited to hear about new and exciting tech innovations. We love new ways for brands to connect with consumers and make a positive impact on our daily shopping experience. In the end – we all want to find the perfect look for the perfect moment.

Technology is changing the way we communicate and shop and with the rise of mobile-first commerce we see big changes ahead. Particularly as we all use our mobile devices as our primary means to purchase, there is a growing set of expectations as to how mobile should complement and enhance our lives. As a result, fashion and beauty brands we believe have an opportunity to evolve their mobile offerings to meet our new desires. The relationship we have with our mobile phones is different than those with other technologies: we are with them all the time and they are customized to our particular behaviors and uses. Keeping this in mind, fashion and beauty brands should look to design services that build on this relationship, use known data and behaviors to deliver utility and surprise at key moments that deliver on and anticipate our daily needs. Always-on connectivity now enables purchases to happen anywhere, which has changed the nature of how we as shoppers expect to be able to browse and buy. Whether through social, in print or out in the real world, mobile should give us the ability to quickly connect to products or services as we encounter them and choose appropriate purchase options, capitalizing on our purchase intent. Because mobile can serve as both a standalone experience and complement to other channels, it can be a unifying factor in all of our interactions with fashion and beauty retailers or brands. Syncing consumer profiles across channels opens the door to tailored offerings at every stage of the purchase experience, while appreciating loyalty as key component for the future.

Below are best in class innovations that we see and fashion and beauty brands can learn from for our mobile experience with them:

An emerging set of tools and services that are taking eCommerce beyond the walls of brand and retailer websites allow us to quickly discover and buy products on a wider variety of platforms. This increased flexibility gives brands the ability to reach us wherever we spend our time, giving us more opportunities to find great products and and benefit from on-going sales.

Image recognition technology is streamlining the path to purchase process by allowing us shoppers to snap photos or scan bar codes to identify potential purchases, and add them to a shopping cart to buy. With this unique technology brands can help transforming any product interaction into an easy shopping opportunity.

A new slate of services are helping improve the transition from online to mobile shopping by paring down the interface into an experience that is more visual, personal and easier to navigate. Burberry is doing a great job with this for example. By doing so – brands provide a more curated and intuitive experiences for us to discover and buy products on our mobile device.

Some brands are already great in using a new range of services that are targeting mobile as a key tool to help bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. These platforms help brands and us to truly bridge the gap between being in the store and shopping, while giving us more tools to shop on our own terms and buy with confidence.

About the Author

Carl-Ulrich "Ulli" Saeuberlich is a marketing executive at 87AM, a full-service digital advertising agency with 23 offices in the United States, a Canadian hub in Toronto, a European headquarters in London, and an Asian operation based in Shanghai. 87AM is known for to not only providing unparalleled insight and expertise, but also to always deliver first in vertical and best in class solutions. Ulli Saeuberlich is an expert in the field of product innovation and digital marketing, with a specialization in fashion, beauty and cosmetic brands.