How to: At-Home Korean Beauty Facial

With the explosion of Korean beauty and skincare being celebrated throughout the world, we wanted to take on a first hand experience to learn what some people make out to be a 12-step complicated process and translate it into a compact beauty routine that, with the right products, you can simply do at home.

So, we stepped into the Woods&Co. office for a facial with the creme de la creme of korean beauty specialists, who whipped my face into a glowing, tightened version of itself. Follow the steps below utilizing products like the ones in the slideshow above for a much needed renovation to put your best face forward!

1. First comes first. The black peat cleansing water which is super rich in anti-oxidents and minerals to help clear away impurities deep in the skin and even has a slight black hue (from the peat). It’s very hydrating and as it has some micro-exfoliators (with birch sap and apple water) to brighten and even out skintone, it’s perfect for removing end of day makeup that may have been missed from your initial wash.

2. After the cleanse came the peeling gel. Perfect for helping to diffuse the look of acne scarring and just evening out the overall tone and texture of the face, as you massage it into the skin, it begins to ball up, catching dead skin and other impurities that are then easily washed away.

3. Hot towel it! Pressing the face with a very hot towel allows the pores to open up so they’re more easily cleansed and the products have a better chance to sink into the skin and get their anti-aging and smoothing properties to work!

4. Floral toner from huxley is next. The scent was made by a master perfumer and at it’s base is organic prickly pear cactus seed extract and oil (a super labor-intensive process to retreive). Anti-gravity cream is then mixed with the huxley oil-essence and is massaged onto the face. It should feel almost slippery to the touch, allowing you to glide over your skin, deeply hydrated and firming as you massage.

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