How to be a Master Florist: La Sastrería de las Flores

If you’re battling to find the perfect gift for a girl who seems to have everything, specifically one with a love for floral arrangements, a flower design course is the perfect solution. Whether it’s a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, a baby shower, bachelorette party, etc. there isn’t a girl on earth who wouldn’t truly enjoy this opportunity. We recently had the fortune to experiment with some of the finest flower courses in Madrid, and we have to say, it has been one of the most fun and different experiences we’ve had lately.


Sara Manzano and Irene Ruiz who founded ‘La Sastrería de las Flores’ has been in the business for ten years and knows how to help people kick-start their time spent in the flower world (and be crazy about it!) They love spending hours with her team dutifully cleaning buckets, dethorning roses and hauling around dozens of peonies, hydrangeas and orchids. Assisting to one of their courses means teaching us how to groom our flowers for a start, but Sara and Irene are flower ninjas  as they demonstrate techniques with grace and ease making it a show just to watch them work.

Ana de la Mora knows what she likes and always has. The Madrid based decorator and florist has always had a passion for plants and flowers: “Whether on a dining table or atop a vanity, floral arrangements are a great way to freshen up any space”, she says. She offers the ‘learning at home courses’ and helps you to face the first step: “It’s easy to panic into overbuying if you’re doing your own flowers, as unlike a florist, you don’t have a clear idea of exact quantities you need”. The clue, says Elena Suárez is to have in mind seasonality. This way, flowers will be fresher, cheaper and better quality if they’re in season at the time. The other thing to know is when to buy your flowers; too early and they will keel over, but if you are too late, you won’t get them in perfect bloom”.

Other good places to learn a little bit more about flower art in Madrid are Sally L. Hambleton for the Workshop Flores and Verde Pimienta. Both have been pioneers in launching their own flowers schools. If you are in London, you should visit The Academy of Flowers, where their teachers are able to convert a hobby into a real job. Also, the Flower School New York is the most prestigious school for floral arts and flower design in New York City, providing a vast array of floral design classes for flower enthusiasts and professionals alike.

About the Author

Julia Urgel is a journalist and producer based in Madrid who contributes to a multitude of magazines –Marie Claire México, Vanidades México, Gentleman Spain and writing about fashion, celebrities and beauty. With an MBA in fashion -and a future PhD in fashion too- she is a university proffesor at Centro Universitario Villanueva and director of the specialization course Wedding Event Planner. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @julia_urgel