How To: Getting Your Skin Ready to Spring Into Spring

Spring is in the air…but have you got the spring back into your skin? Here’s what to do to shake off the winter blues and to prep your skin ready to face the glorious (well I guess that would depend on mother nature’s mood) spring season.

If you haven’t had a deep cleanse facial already then go and see your beauty therapist as there’s no one more perfect to trust in to make your skin perfect. Trusting your beauty therapist is like trusting your own doctor to get you back to health they are trained to have your well being at heart.

At Fere and Hasti we would offer the following Facial treatments to help combat dull lifeless looking skin: To give you that bespoke touch, all the facial treatments at Fere and Hasti can be combined together, giving you a facial package that is tailor made with only you and your skin in mind.

Deep cleanse – This is done with steam and is an absolute must no matter how much you think “oh but my skin is perfectly clean because I use the following products and do the following treatment at home.” As much as you may cleanse, scrub, moisturize, etc. your skin is going to be at its’ best thanks to your beauty therapist as they’ve been trained to help get in skin deep by steaming and doing extractions to help unclog your pores helping your skin to breathe more easily and become brighter and more alive. In the long run this will give you stronger foundation so when you do end up using your home facial kits you will see and feel the benefits much sooner.

Microdermabrasion – This polishing action of laser cut diamonds combined with the vacuum suction helps unclog pores and removes dead cells from the topmost layer, while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production to help promote the growth of healthy new cells, brilliant at enhancing your circulation and lymph flow great for removing dull dry flaky looking skin. This will help bring the zest back into your skin.

Facials when done by hand are an absolute dream. you lay there relaxing closed eyes and feeling the stress of the world slipping away by just the touch. For example, at Fere and Hasti we believe that the right touch can be a powerful feeling for it can heal and comfort and easy away any stress or worry and recommend the following facial treatments:

Jean d’ Estree Marine Facial – This treatment, will help restore the structure of collagen and maintain tissue support, the key ingredients being Bio Repair Complex and Micro Emulsions, these two key ingredients will fill wrinkles and improve elasticity, resulting in your skin feeling renewed, firm, hydrated and you looking amazingly youthful.

Try it at home with: SK-II Essential Power Rich Cream

Gold Facial – This luxury pampering facial will dramatically lift, firm and tone your skin leaving it plump, radiant and hydrated, this is a unique anti-ageing skin care treatment which combines activeingredients real Gold and Calcium Pearl. Gold particles are gradually released in the skin to help revitalize, repair, protect and firm the skin and the fresh Calcium Pearl from a lake in China acts to restructure the epidermis and increase the skins strength and firmness. All that glitters is gold!

Try it at home with: La Mer’s Refining Facial which exfoliates and polishes the skin with pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz stimulating the skin and leaving you radiant.

Matis Phyco Corail Facial – This super hydrating and energizing facial gives an instant result to dull lifeless looking skin, great for all ages and skin types. It has exclusive active ingredients from marine mineral plants and fruit origin. Your skin will feel and look – relaxed, hydrated and smooth…its time to shine!​​

Try it at home with: Origins masks made from natural ingredients like papaya, avocado and mangosteen.

So come on out of hibernation, wave goodbye to dull lifeless skin and say hello to a brand new looking and feeling wonderful skin!

Just remember everything you do is a choice and in the long term prevention is always better than a quick fix.

About the Author

London’s go-to prestigious beauty therapist. Fere is renowned for her bespoke non-invasive facials, tailor made and adapted to the needs of each and every client. She now counts more than 30 years experience and a wealth of beauty knowledge in her endless pursuit for the body beautiful. Fere & Hasti is founded by mother and daughter duo. Hasti Parangi, Fere’s daughter also offers bespoke facials and also practices holistic healing. The two talents make Neville hair and beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia SW1X 9EJ an unrivaled one-stop to wellbeing and younger, brighter, beautiful skin. Follow them on instagram @fereandhasti and check out their website at