How to Have a Healthy Love Life: 5 Tips from Deepak Chopra

– By Teresa Greenfeld – 

Showing that special person in your life just how much you love them  (and celebrating that love ) is something we should do every day of the year – not just on Valentine’s Day.  Instead of giving lavish gifts and flowers because the date on the calendar says so, learn to have a healthy love life 365 days a year.  Deepak Chopra, the world renowned spiritual leader and teacher, shared with me five guidelines on how to do just that:

1.  Listen non-judge mentally

2.  Express genuine appreciation of something you notice about the other person.

3. Show affection – let the person know you care.

4.  Don’t be afraid to hug or show physical affection, as appropriate.

5. Never play victim. Refrain from complaints, criticisms or condemnation.

A healthy love life is only the beginning; achieving balance and harmony with the universe by practicing the Law of Attraction is the way we are able to get the most out of life.  In his new ‘Law of Attraction MP3 Playbutton‘ (an AHAlife exclusive that launches today), Chopra teaches this philosophy in a half-hour long meditation – the perfect accompaniment for your morning commute.

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